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round bars

hot rolled plain round bars

Hot rolled equal angles  or angle iron is a versatile low cost, low carbon product suitable for a wide variety of applications. Angles are rolled to 90° with a fillet radius or root radius to reduce stress concentration at the corner. Square root angles with a very small root radius are also available in smaller sizes for less critical applications.

Angles are used extensively in load bearing situations either as the plain product or bolted/welded together (back to back) forming a tee shape, both profiles have a good resistance to bending forces however the section is not suitable for applications that will subject the product to twisting.

Equal angles are manufactured in the same rolling process that produces all hot rolled long products. Production tolerances range from 0.4 mm up to millimeters on larger sections, but unlike flats, squares and rounds etc. most angles due to their end use are rolled in both 6 and 12 meter lengths with bespoke lengths also available on request.

Main types of hollow sections we produce as below:

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