long steel products

We offer long semi-finished steel products produced from prime quality hot rolled steel billets with different grades and shapes, mainly angles, rounds, square bars, and plain round bars.


equal angles

​Angle bars have the shape of the letter “L” and generally the angle is equal to 90 degrees. Basically, used in the support or structural elements of framing, bridges, power and communication towers, warehouses, shelves, furniture (bed frames, chairs, tables…), fencing, frames for supporting air conditioner.​


flat bars

Flat bars are solid flat-surface steel sections with a rectangular cross-section area that are available in multiple lengths of height and width. These bars have many direct uses in constructions, infrastructure, agriculture industry, transportation and storage.


round bars

Hot rolled round bars are used for constructions and other applications where the dimensions accuracy is not a priority. Common applications of round bars include construction works, the machinery, equipment industry, and metal structures like bridges.


square bars

​Square bars are long solid blocks of steel with a square sectional, the shape and robust structure of square bars make them very strong bars, commonly used in security doors and windows, commercial and residential constructions as well as other ornate architectural and balustrade applications. In addition, these bars are used in steel mills because it is easy to weld, form, cut and machine. They are ideally suited for bending and cold forming.