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We serve to automotive main industry, furniture, domestic appliance, steel goods, decoration, heating & cooling, air conditioning, civil works & steel construction, scaffolding profiles, heated towel rack, solar energy systems, and agricultural irrigation & greenhouse industries. Our production capacity is annually 150 thousand tons of steel profiles made from Carbon Steel, Galvanized, Hot Rolled and pre-painted. We maintain our quality perspective by performing physical & chemical tests in our own in house laboratories and R&D center, from raw material to finished products, using EC (Eddy Current), leak proof test, zinc spray coating on welding point and internal deburring processes. Your special cut to length requirements can be done in our computer controlled CNC and multi saw lines. We provide our best of services to you with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 quality certificates being environmentally friendly and mindful to labors and occupational safety measurements.We produce a wide range of high-quality, high-efficiency profiles and commercial steel tubes for customers in a wide variety of industries, including construction, automotive manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, furniture and appliances, decoration, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, power systems. solar, agricultural and greenhouses. Common types of our profiles may be clasified simply as open profiles and closed profiles in the basic shapes of round, square, rectangular, oval, and types D - U - L - C - Z - SIGMA. Additionally we may produce special profiles according to your technical drawings and requests. Our profiles are mainly used for greenhouses and green industry, electrical, construction, hvac, automative industries.

CACO steel round tubes


A hollow structural section (HSS) is a type of metal profile with a hollow cross section.


  • C & U profiles

  • Tubes and profiles in special cross-section,

  • Air conditioning plant’s construction profiles 

  • Profiles for furniture Industry 

  • Shelving profiles 

  • Conveyor profiles 

  • Roller blinds & awnings’ profiles 

  • Roller shutter profiles (octagonal shaped)


The automotive industry comprises planning, design, development, and manufacturing of motor vehicles with various types of steel.

We produce profiles for below:


  • Door window frames & window rails

  • Glass running rail profile of doors

  • Chassis profiles, chassis parts of trucks

  • Front & rear bumper of cars

  • Air filter cabins

  • Sliding door rails

  • Seat rails and frames

  • Rain gutter

  • Alusi exhaust pipe


We produce several types of steel profiles to be used as structural parts of the solar energy sytems. Mainly types are listed below:

  • Standard & special open profiles

  • Standard & special seam welded profiles

  • Solar construction profiles with special section & holes.

  • Omega profiles


Civil Works and Steel Constructions use wide range of steel, we mostly serve our types listed below:

  • C, Z & SIGMA profiles

  • Standard industrial tubes & profiles

  • Crane & cornice profiles 

  • Scaffolding special profiles 

  • Window & door sub-frame profiles 

  • PVC joinery support profiles 

  • Gypsum board wall & suspended ceiling profiles 

  • Special profiles for steel construction 

  • Fire door frame 

  • Door frame


  • Greenhouse profiles & parts

  • Greenhouse U, L & I clips

  • Connection parts 

  • Tubes and profiles in special cross-section 

  • Gutter range in different shapes & sizes


  • Connector mounting rails

  • Cable carrying profiles

  • Cable trays 

  • Profiles for domestic appliances 

  • Handle profiles 

  • Frame profiles 

  • Special profiles with inox material 

  • Oven burner pipes 

  • Electrical panel profiles 

  • Cable glands


  • HVAC profiles

  • Special Open Profiles

  • Special Standing Beam Profiles

  • Air Handling Unit Cabin Profiles

  • Air Handling Unit Intercarrier Profiles

  • Air Handling Unit Corner and Structural Profiles

  • Extra Strengtthened Profiles

  • More Economical Profiles Alternative ro Aluminum

  • Special Designed Profiles for Specific Projects

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