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Our company Mekoser is a worldwide specialist in turnkey greenhouse horticulture projects. From automation to heating systems, the work field has constantly expanded more and more for many years of experince. Thanks to our modernist approach, our company has become more exhautive. We have all the important in house disciplines from recomondation to execution. Our team members have always a practical approach to offer to our valuable customers the right solutions for their investments. In all our projects, we take the human factor and comply with ethical values and make greenhouse projects suitable for both environmental and economic developments.


We supply greenhouses with large internal volumes appropriate both for soil and soilless agriculture.


Gothic type has been approved on every continent and in all climate. It is the most ergonomic construction for both efficiency and durability.


This high performing model is one of our most popular greenhouses,due to its good balance between volume and ventilation.


Whole structure is produced from galvanized steel, starting from columns to the connecting parts including the profilies used to assemble polycarbonate and plastic.


We provide advanced technology glass greenhouses which are designed in accordance with climatic conditions of each area.


Venlo type greehouses have high quality galvanized steel and aluminum structure produced according to the world standards at our own factories of profiles.


They have an automatic ventilation system and they are suitable for the assembly of glass-wiping robot apparatus.


In our projects, we do include optimum solutions for our valuable investors in order to obtain the best quality and the most efficient product with by affording an ideal irrigation and fertilization automation system according to the climate data and the type of product’s needs.


The climate control system is afforded based on the projects basis.


It is controlled via computer to arrange the environments desired inside the greenhouse. thermal screen system, ventilation system, circulation system,heating system, fogging units and irrigation system are controlled by the climate control system.


Also ,it can be controlled and watched with mobile phone or with personal computer.


We take in consideration the past years weather reports of the specific region and the required climate conditions ofthe plant type to be grown in order to design the optimum heating system to satisfy the need of the plants.


Our heating pipelines are designed todistribute the energy obtained from the boilers in the greenhouse in the most efficient way.


Each heating zone in the greenhouse has a separate control system.


The boilers of the heating systems are fully automatic and their consumption is made according to the needs.


All calculations are calculatedby our expert engineer team and the system is designed so as not to risk the investment of our valued customers on the coldest day.


Thermal screens have the ability to cool the greenhouse and creates shading during summer while it has also ability to save the heat energy during winter.


The use of these screens do not only improves the production conditions, but also provides remarkable fuel savings with higher quality and higher product yields.


Thermal screen system has specific advantages which improves efficiency of production such as; humidity control, light control, heating control and provides savings for heating and irrigation systems.


We use hydroponic system which means soilless production.


The plant are put on hanged breeding system which called gutters holdingcocopeats or rockwool. These breedings are made from galvanized steel of 0,6 mm thickness.


This system will be hanged on the spans in a way that facilate the drainage of used water.


Our company uses cocopeats as they are more preferable and have many characterists such as being comletly ecological, organic and produced with the highest quality system. Our cocopeat slabs are certified by OMRI and IECA.


We construct the most suitable long-term financial structure according to the needs of our valuable investors with the most accurate financial instruments.


Our team prepares investment feasibility depending on all the factors and datas related to the project to come up with total investment budget,
production amount, cost and sales revenues, financial and economic data, investment return period.

After the investor makes the final decision, all the equipments are  produced,supplied and shipped to our valuable customers.

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