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We offer semi-finished flat steel produced from prime quality hot rolled steel slabs, all in prime quality and newly produced, directly loaded and exported from our steel service center or one of our factories. Mainly we supply types of flatr products as Hot Rolled Steel Coils, Cold Rolled Steel Coils, Galvanized Steel Coils, Prepainted Steel Coils to be used for our factories of profiles and for our steel service center in the forms of coils, slitted coils, steel sheets as per your request.

Slitted coils are main raw materials for the factories of profiles and steel tubes, according to our machine capacities we may offer all above mentioned steel types in the forms of slitting.

We keep very large Hot Rolled Steel Plates stocks in all grades and thickness from 6,00 mm up to 250 mm used by machine Industry, Construction, Shipbuilding. Also, we oxycut the plates by desirable dimensions according to your requests.


Cold Rolled Coils are used mainly in automotive, including exterior body and interior parts. It is also used in appliances due to its high formability and dent resistant. Its applications also include products which require good surface finishing. Some of its end-use sectors are engineering, white goods, precision welded tubes, appliances, furniture, cabinets, toolboxes, shelving, light construction and industrial applications. It can also be further processed to make corrosion resistance steel known as coated steel as a subcategory of Cold Rolled Steel, which are coated with aluminum and zinc.


Hot Rolled Coils are used in making cold rolled steels, and widely used in the construction industry with applications such as roofing, staircases, sheds and welded structures. It is also used in machinery to manufacture parts, fabricated structures as well as used as a substrate for small and medium diameter welded pipes. Its other end users include packaging, railways and automotive.

Hot Dip Galvanised (HDG) is one of the main types of metallic coated steel, which is coated with zinc to protect steel against corrosion by limiting its exposure to the external environment. 

Metallic coated steel can be further processed to make organic coated steel also knows as colour coated steel or Pre-Painted Galvanised Iron (PPGI).


We supply mainly to global automotive OEM producers, defense industry, white goods, durable goods, metal and machine industries. Our main products in this field are cold rolled steel strips and plates with special tolerances case hardening steels, tempering steels, spring steels, classical cold rolled steels, low-alloy high-tensile steels with specialized engineers.

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